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TAXIshop 5 is designed for personal computers with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11 operating systems.

With more than twenty-five years of continuous development, and thanks to the generous feedback of an extensive, loyal and ever-growing TAXIshop client base, I am pleased to announce that the latest release of TAXIshop 5 now incorporates virtually every user requested feature and suggestion I've received that would have broad based industry appeal.  The TAXIshop 5 system is fully developed, fully featured, fully tested and fully proven to be rock solid stable and reliable.  

My sincere thanks, once again, to all those who've helped TAXIshop become and continue to be the premier custom built taxidermy business software in the industry.

Your taxidermy business is one-of-a-kind and the taxidermy business software you choose for your shop, should be too!

With TAXIshop, one size does not fit all! Each TAXIshop system is individually licensed, designed, and created especially for your taxidermy shop.

Your custom TAXIshop software installs your one-of-a-kind TAXIshop system directly on your personal computer.

Your taxidermy business information is stored safely and securely on your personal computer and easily safeguarded with regular data file backups.

with TAXIshop, there's No internet connection required... NO on-line clouds or software servers... and NO ongoing software subscription fees!

Each TAXIshop system also includes a custom designed letterhead layout using your existing logo or original artwork.

Your custom letterhead appears on all work orders, outgoing shop forms, reports, and customer correspondence to present your business most professionally to your clients.

A coordinated return address layout is also created for the return address on your TAXIshop envelopes, which can be pre-addressed and printed individually, or in batches, as you need them.

The Main Menu provides quick and easy access to TAXIshop's many features and capabilities.

User-friendly menus with customer and order search features help you find, view, add, or update your customer and order information quickly and easily!

With TAXIshop, you enter information once... From then on that information is automatically saved, then accessed and retrieved whenever and wherever it may be necessary in future forms, reports, and customer correspondence.

Simply Click on the Customer Search button to search by a customer's Last Name or just the first few letters you can remember.

On the Customer Form, click one of the large control buttons on the right to: 

Create a new order for the customer currently displayed

View the customer's previous or pending orders 

View the customer's complete account history and overall balance due

Print or email a customer letter that you've previously created and saved in your Customer Correspondence Library.  Think here of unpaid deposit letters, unclaimed mount letters, or just a simple "Thank You!" note to a client for a recent order.

TAXIshop also prints pre-addressed customer envelopes with your artwork or logo in the return address. As shown below...

When you click the 'CREATE A NEW ORDER' button on the customer form above...

Your new order is automatically created and displayed in TAXIshop's New Order Form.

Your All Customer information has been saved behind the scenes, a unique sequential order number has been created and saved; and pertinent dates have already been inserted into the form.  

You select a Job Category, Species, and Pose from the convenient drop-down lists, and with TAXIshop's Automatic Order Pricing nothing could be easier!

You'll soon discover TAXIshop lets you enter and track as much... or as little... additional order information as you wish.

Click the 'ORDER DETAILS' button to enter and track the order details that are important to you and your client.

Enter only the Type of Mount or enter a complete detailed Description...

Add Panel or Base information too, if you wish...

Record Habitat notes or any other special Remarks...

Specify the Turn, Show Side, Head, Ear, and Mouth details, as well as any Trophy Plate information that may be required!

TAXIshop also lets you enter and track order referrals and, if you're managing a crew of taxidermists, who actually did the work.

Click the ACCOUNT INFO button to enter all charges and payments related to this order. 

First, enter the Quoted Price for your professional services on this mount. If you've enabled TAXIshop's Automatic Order Pricing feature, the quoted price is automatically inserted into the amount column.

Then, add any Extra Charges, Customer Credits, applicable Sales Tax, and Deposit or Payments received.  

After each transaction is entered TAXIshop automatically calculates the new Order Balance and this customer's Overall Balance if the client has more than one pending, unpaid order.

Add a description of Extra Charges and Customer Credits and specify if an extra charge is subject to sales tax or not.  You can also specify how each payment or deposit was received; i.e. by cash, check, or credit card and record the appropriate details. 

Click the 'HARVEST INFO' button to enter the hunter and harvest information you need to record...

Enter the hunter's name, harvest location, and the date this specimen was collected...

Record multiple hunting license, permits, and specimen tag numbers along with the name of each issuing agency.

TAXIshop uses this information to create the specimen tags, records and reports required by the US F&W service and your state's Department of Natural Resources or Fish &Game Department.

Click the new 'SHIPPING INFO' button if you will be shipping this order when completed.

Click the large button if the order will be shipped to the customer's own address and all shipping info will be automatically inserted into the shipping info form.

If the specimen will ship to a different address, simply enter the new shipping information in the space provided.

Record crate size and weight, shipper's name, quoted shipping cost, your quote reference number and any other desired shipping remarks.

A one-click pre-addressed shipping label is also provided.

Click the 'MEASUREMENTS' button to record industry standard measurements for each of your taxidermy specimens.

Measurements are recorded on specimen-specific custom measurement forms determined by the order's job category.

As you enter these routine measurements, you'll be creating a valuable personal database of specimen related measurements that you can refer to in the future.

You can also record and track the mannikin and eyes used on each mount. This information can be a tremendous help when ordering future supplies and really makes it easy when a client returns two or three years later, saying, "Do it just like the last one you did; but turn it the other way!" 

Click the 'STATUS-LOC-VENDOR' button to track the status of each specimen through the entire taxidermy process from mount check-in to completion, customer notification, and delivery.

Record and track the location of each specimen to find a particular cape, view the contents of freezer #1, freezer #2, etc., or just to see what specimens are still out on the salt rack.

You might like a list of all the specimens that were sent out to a tannery or another outside vendor, on or after a certain date; you can also limit your search to only those specimens that haven't yet been returned.

TAXIshop helps answer your questions and your customer inquiries, quickly and easily!

Click the 'ORDER PHOTO' button if you'd like to save and display a picture of each order.

TAXIshop makes it easy to keep an organized pictorial record of all your work. 

You can also use this handy feature to show pictures of your previous projects to current customers. 

Click the new 'LINKED ORDERS' button to link two or more of a customer's orders together.

TAXIshop facilitates the handling of large safari-type orders or the handling of a customer who brings you multiple specimens but still wants each piece returned as soon as it's completed.

The Linked Work Order provides a convenient summary of the order details and all charges and payments of each individual work order that you've linked.

Your client signs in one place to authorize the work on each individual work order and to certify that all referenced specimens were legally taken or obtained.  As shown below...

Click the 'ORDER PRINT MENU' button to print a variety of documents related to this order; Including...

Customer Work Orders with your Terms of Service ready for your client's signature

Shop Work Orders with mount details and measurements

Taxidermy Specimen Records for your DNR record keeping

Order Statements with payment history and balance due

Completion Notices with your personal message and balance due on the order

Migratory Bird/Specimen Tags for in-shop tagging and labeling

TAXIshop's newly expanded View/Print Selected Orders features provide instant access to the orders you need to find. Mix and match any, all, or none of the search criteria to find one particular order, all of your orders, or only those orders matching your custom search criteria. Including...

Pending or Completed orders,  Delivered or Un-Delivered orders, orders with a particular Customer ID, Order No., Link No., Job No., or Tag No.

Search by location (i.e. Freezer #1, Freezer #2, etc) or only for orders that have been tanned or not yet tanned. Or search for orders sent to a tannery or outside vendor but haven't yet been returned.

When searching by Job Category, Species, or Pose, use (*) wildcards like *bass or *deer, to return both largemouth and smallmouth bass or any deer such as whitetail deer, mule deer, or axis deer...

Are you ready to plan a batch of similar mounts or species for next month's work? No problem! Search by Job Category and/or Species, with a range of Estimated Completion Dates to see what needs to get done. TAXIshop helps you stay on top of ordering the supplies you need!

TAXIshop's newly expanded Print Selected Orders Report options let you see the order details you're looking for! Including...

Specimen Location - Outside Vendor - Balance Due

Specimen Info with Hunter & Harvest Info

Specimen Measurements - Mannikin - Eye Info

Mount Details - Taxidermist - Referral Info

Shipping Info

View stunning Wildlife Reference Photos in vivid color from within TAXIshop. TAXIshop includes a built in Wildlife Reference Library with some of the best taxidermy reference photos from Breakthrough Magazine and other talented contributors.

TAXIshop's Wildlife Reference Library automatically sorts your reference photos by Category and Species to help you find the reference you need fast!

You can, of course, also add your own favorite reference photos or use this feature to display your promotional photos or previously completed projects to current clients.

Do you thank your customers for their business? Do you send them an annual holiday greeting?  How about a letter or an email to your previous "bear hunters" announcing your upcoming "Spring Bear Special?"  TAXIshop lets you target specific customer groups with personalized form letters that you create and save in your customer correspondence library.  Simply select the desired letter and send it to any one or any group of your clients.

TAXIshop creates all the financial reports you need for any period of time you specify, including Shop Sales, Actual Receipts, Accounts Receivable, Sales Tax Reports, Shop Expenses, and an Order Summary Report that breaks down your sales with totals and subtotals for each job category, species, and pose.  Everything you or your accountant needs at tax time is right here in TAXIshop and always available with just a few clicks.

TAXIshop does it all for you quickly and easily!  One-click work orders, shop forms and reports, personalized customer correspondence, automated taxidermy record keeping and menu driven financial reports.  All in-house and all from within your custom built TAXIshop system.

Whether you manage a large studio or work alone at home, TAXIshop is the taxidermy business software that you need! 

TAXIshop 5 for your PC with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 10, and Windows 11 operating systems.


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